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Recent data regarding increased risk for heart attack or stroke have led the FDA to mandate nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug label updates that reflect these... In almost every state, doctors seeing a patient for pain can look up the patient’s prescription history, juggle several data points and make an educated g... Steep reductions in cost combined with improvements in image quality have helped make ultrasonography a viable option in the clinical setting. Numerous painful ... Opioid-naive adults who underwent at least one of four low-risk surgical procedures—carpal tunnel release, laparoscopic cholecystectomy (gallbladder remov... ESIs were associated with total health care spending decreases of 16.4%, 7.56% and 4.67% for radiculitis, sciatica and lumbago, respectively, according to a&nbs... Ending the opioid epidemic begins and ends with provider awareness, according to Kevin E. Vorenkamp, MD, director of the Pain Medicine Fellowship at Virgin...